Inceptive Mind

2021. 03. 14.

How can dreams of a smart city be realized with sustainable solutions? Hungarian-developed Kuube smartbench shows an alternative to this. Kuube smartbench is an eco-friendly, useful, solar-powered smart bench designed for city centers, equipped with all the necessities that a modern-day traveler might need to comfortably move through any city.

These premium quality public smart benches are equipped with USB ports and wireless chargers and act as a free WiFi hotspot, but they do not require a power supply for all of this, as the benches are charged with solar energy. They can be installed in essentially any sunny location where the ground is stable and are safe for the environment.

The benches also constantly monitor its environment – changes in UV level, air quality, humidity, air pressure. It forwards the data to the server or notifies the owner if necessary by displaying them on its monitor.

Kuube smartbench comes in three different sizes: the Kuube ECO, the Kuube NANO, and the Kuube PLUS – each of which offers the same services to varying degrees.

The three-seater Kuube ECO is the smallest smartbench, which comes equipped with two USB and one wireless charger. Just like the other two bench sizes, it has unlimited internet access thanks to its WiFi hotspot. Kuube ECO has the largest of the display screens out of the three bench options.

Next comes the Kuube NANO, the middle-size version of the three smartbenches. It is solar-powered and accommodates up to four people, complete with a WiFi hotspot, two USB chargers, two wireless Qi chargers. It has a smaller display screen.

Finally, there is Kuube PLUS, the largest option of the trio set that can accommodate up to eight people. This smart bench offers four charging options via USB or wireless and also functions as a WiFi hotspot, and has environmental sensors.

In addition to its solar-powered operation, Kuube smartbenches are entirely constructed out of ethically sourced materials, like its easy-to-clean, recyclable aluminum body, tempered safety glass, and ash wood accents. Thanks to the solar batteries, the benches are entirely mobile, and they are fully functioning even if the public utilities are difficult to access.